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The questions and answers below cover a number of topics that we've been asked about before – if you can't find the answer to your specific question, please contact our community manager here.


Q: What is The Listening Post?

Q: What are The Listening Post participants expected to do?

Q: What do I get in reward for contributing to The Listening Post?

Q: Is there ever a cost for membership of The Listening Post?

Q: How long will I be a member of The Listening Post?

Q: Who is Verve?

Q: Who is Sparkler?

Q: What is the difference in Sparkler and Verve’s roles?

Research activities

Q: How do I take part in a community activity?

Q: After I receive an invitation to take part in a survey, how soon do I have to complete it?

Q: How are the results of the research used?

Q: What if I have questions about completing a survey?

Q: What if I have technical difficulties while completing an activity?

Q: How quickly will someone respond to a message I send?


Q: What about privacy? What rights do I have as a Listening Post member?

Q: Will my personal information be given out to anyone without my permission?

Q: Will my answers to surveys and other activities always be used anonymously?

Login and password problems

Q: When I try to login, I receive an 'Invalid email address or password' message.

Q: My login password is not working.

Q: I have forgotten my password.

Q: I would like to change my personal details.

Q: Other technical error.

Forum / survey problems

Q: Do I need special computer hardware or software to participate?

Q: I am not able to access the survey you have emailed me.

Q: I am not able to complete / submit the survey you have emailed me.

Q: I do not know how to answer certain survey questions.

Q: Other technical error.

Customer service issues

Q: I have a customer services issue regarding EE products or services.

Q: I have a suggestion.

Unsubscribe me

Q: I would like to unsubscribe.


Q: I have a question that does not fit into any of the above categories.

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